eXciteOSA system, transport and storage requirements

Temperature -13°F to +158°F (-25°C to +70°C)
Up to 90%
Atmospheric Pressure 10.15 psi to 15.37 psi (70 kPa to 106 kPa)
When the device is exposed to extreme temperatures, please wait at least 60 minutes before attempting to use the device.


Please return the products to your supplier for disposal. The Control Unit contains a rechargeable battery and should not be disposed in general waste.


eXciteOSA should be used in accordance with this User Guide above and with the approved accessories and contains no user serviceable parts. Do not try to repair, alter or change the components of the three individual units of the eXciteOSA, as this will invalidate your warranty. If the Mouthpiece or Control Unit is not functional due to wear and tear, it will not be covered by the warranty. The Mouthpiece must be replaced after 3 months of first use.


Signifier Medical Technologies Ltd. provides a warranty to the original purchaser confirming the product will be free from defects in the material, components and workmanship for a period of 3 months for the Mouthpiece and 1 year (Control Unit only) from the date of purchase. For valid warranty claims, the user may return after authorisation, the eXciteOSA directly to the local eXciteOSA contact or Signifier Medical Technologies Ltd. eXciteOSA warranty does not include any misuse or abuse such as dropping or immersing the Control Unit in water or other liquid substance or tampering with the unit or normal wear and tear. Any evidence of tampering will void the warranty. This warranty does not apply to “wear and tear” that would occur with usage.


Please contact your local Signifier Medical Technologies contact for any warranty returns. Your invoice of purchase should state the name and the contact details of your local Signifier Medical Technologies contact. For assistance in setting up, using or maintaining the unit, or to report unexpected operation or events please contact Signifier Medical Technologies customer service.