eXciteOSA®: non-invasive intraoral neuromuscular stimulation device with clinically proven reduction of primary snoring and mild obstructive sleep apnoea1-3

You can offer patients a clinically proven therapy that targets the root cause of snoring and mild sleep apnoea.

eXciteOSA® challenges the wisdom of conventional snoring solutions. It is a daytime treatment for sleep disordered breathing that uses NMES – to physiologically re-train the airway against collapse.

Patients can benefit from this convenient and effective therapy so that they and their partners can get a better night’s sleep.

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Improve patients quality of life, sleep and relationships.

eXciteOSA® is a user controllable neuromuscular electrical stimulator (NMES) that delivers a mild electrical current with defined frequencies to stimulate and improve muscle function in the mouth and tongue.

Unlike traditional snoring therapies, eXciteOSA® strengthens tongue and throat muscle tone, to prevent excessive muscle relaxation during sleep, reducing airway collapse.

A daytime therapy with no night-time wearable necessary for a better night’s sleep.

eXciteOSA® has been clinically proven to improve the quality of sleep by reducing snoring and sleep apnoea significantly, when used for 20 minutes, once a day for 6 weeks 1-3

eXciteOSAl targets tongue muscles
eXciteOSA® stimulates tongue muscles, effectively giving them a “work out”

Clinically proven efficacy for primary snoring and mild sleep apnoea

Original Cohort Clinical Study

Location: Essen, Germany and Nottingham, UK
Cohort: 30 patients
Documents: View CHEST Presentation, View Publication, View Original Paper

Prospective Cohort Clinical Study with Objective Assessments

Location: London, UK
Cohort: 50 patients

“Treatment of sleep apnoea can be highly effective for some patients as it has been shown to improve symptoms, reduce blood pressure, reduce the risk of motor vehicle accidents, among other benefits. A strong argument can be made that early treatment may be beneficial since the consequences of disease may become irreversible if the disease is longstanding. Thus, treatment of patients with mild OSA and/or at young ages may be a useful strategy.

I have been involved with the eXciteOSA® device and have been doing ongoing research on this treatment. I am optimistic that this treatment will be an important treatment approach for patients with snoring and with mild sleep apnoea.”

professor atul malhotra

Professor Atul Malhotra

M.D. Research Chief, Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine
Peter C. Farrell Presidential Chair and Professor in Respiratory Medicine
Former President, American Thoracic Society 2015- 2016

“My practice is limited to treating patients with sleep disorders such as snoring, obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) and sleep bruxism. The tongue is often the reason I struggle to provide a total resolution of symptoms with a Mandibular Advancement Device for my patients who are snorers and apnoeacs, mild to severe. This is a result of the multifactorial nature of the disease.

eXciteOSA® has given me the additional treatment option I have been looking for to achieve complete success. eXciteOSA®, a 20 min daytime treatment primarily for snoring and mild OSA, has the potential to increase the efficiency of a Mandibular Advancement Device. The technology is sophisticated and I can see this being easily accepted by snorers and mild apnoea patients who may want to give themselves an occasional break from using a device at night as the lasting effect of the treatment can reduce snoring and daytime symptoms (daytime sleepiness, fatigue, irritability).  In mild cases it may be the ultimate treatment option without the need for any further intervention.”

dr aditi desai

Dr. Aditi Desai

Consultant Dental Surgeon with special interest in Sleep Medicine
President of the British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine (BSDSM)
President And Co-Founder of the British Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (BADSM)
Member of the Board of the Association for Respiratory Technology and Physiology, UK (ARTP)
Council of Sleep Medicine and Odontology Section of Royal Society of Medicine.(RSM)

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