Replacement Mouthpiece

Per medical guidelines, a new mouthpiece is required every three months


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You toned your tongue and got it back in shape by using eXciteOSA consistently. Like any muscle in your body, you need to continue ‘working out’ your tongue to sustain the benefits you’ve earned.

Our clinical research shows that after your 42 days of daily therapy, you will want to continue therapy in a maintenance mode. That maintenance is critical to sustaining the benefits you’ve earned which may include more energy during the day and less snoring at night. In fact, some patients see further improvement to their symptoms using eXciteOSA on an ongoing basis.

Alternatively you can purchase a monthly mouthpiece subscription and we’ll send you a new mouthpiece every 90 days. No worries, no hassle. Sign Up Now and never miss therapy with eXciteOSA!


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