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Firmware update 1.02.07 – 06 April 2021 @ 1700 BST, 1200 EST

Therapy – what’s new:

1. While therapy is being delivered, the current level displayed on the app at each of the four 5-minute periods will not change.
2. While therapy is being delivered, during each of the four 5-minute periods with their corresponding frequency changes, the perception of the therapy pulse will feel approximately the same as with the previous 5-minute segment.

These two changes should allow the user to not touch the current level during a therapy and thus deliver an optimal therapy.

3. While the therapy is being initialized, the device will not generate the strong pulse seen in the first 5 seconds of the therapy session
4. Erroneous pulses during the therapy will be removed, providing a more consistent therapy delivery.  This change will not be perceptible.
Please note that the Android BT upload is much slower (15-17 minutes) compared to the iOS (4-5 minutes). This is operating software specific.

Major App update with the new login procedure and 6 digit code required – Due 29 March

Further details on the replacement mouthpiece can be found here.

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