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Support Hub Updates:

Firmware Update 4.2 Nov 17, 2022

– We added a feature to reset your reaction test if your response is more than thirty seconds

– Articles about sleep and OSA are now available during your therapy session

– Minor updates for stability

Firmware Update 4.1.1 Oct 23, 2022

Minor update to enable current customers to skip the clinical survey

Firmware Update 4.1 Oct 19, 2022

This version adds features to help you track your progress, and improve your sleep health knowledge

– Through your therapy journey you’ll find short videos and articles that focus on specific areas of sleep apnea and sleep health

– See how your alertness improves with a simple, fun reaction test

– We made it easier to take a sleep industry-standard survey by including it in the app

– Made improvements and fixed bugs along the way

Firmware Update 4.0.2 Aug 23, 2022

Performance improvements and bug fixes

Firmware Update 4.0.1 Aug 10, 2022

– Reduce dropped sessions with adjustment to battery requirements

– German Localization Support

Firmware Update 4.0. Jul 20, 2022

We’ve listened to you and have been hard at work improving your experience to make your therapy even easier. For new customers, setting up your account is fast and easy; for our current customers, a better way to start and progress through your therapy.

– Starting a session is now just one tap

– It’s easier to adjust the intensity of your session

– The dashboard is redesigned to track your progress, and access information during your session

– It’s harder to accidentally stop your session

– You can update your profile information from Settings

– Streamlined the steps for new customers to start their first sessions quickly

– Improved the date picker

– Added a splash screen

Further details on the replacement mouthpiece can be found here.