Signifier Medical Technologies Announces Participation In Piper Sandler Healthcare Conference

December 1, 2022 – Signifier Medical Technologies, a medical technology company developing innovative sleep-disordered breathing products for use in the homecare setting, will be presenting at the Piper Sandler Healthcare Conference today.

Signifier Medical Technologies is scheduled to present at 9 a.m. at the 34th annual healthcare conference at Piper Sandler

Conference Theme: Delivering a thoughtful perspective on tomorrow’s trends
The goal of each conference is to bring together key industry executives, investors and our own professionals to provide multiple perspectives, investigate critical trends and identify the leaders in the markets that are driving our economy.

About Signifier Medical Technologies

Signifier is a pioneer in addressing the root causes of sleep disordered breathing. The Company is focused on the development and commercialization of innovative and non-invasive solutions to help people breathe normally and naturally all night – without needing to use a wearable medical device or a surgical implant. Founded in 2015, Signifier is at the forefront of sleep therapy, with a mission to develop therapies improving population health, increase the quality of patients’ experience, and generate healthcare savings. Signifier has offices in London (UK) and Needham (Massachusetts, USA).

About eXciteOSA®

eXciteOSA is a revolutionary daytime therapy device for sleep disordered breathing. Clinically proven to target a common root cause of OSA, eXciteOSA improves daytime sleepiness and sleep quality. Nearly one billion adults aged 30 to 69 years globally are estimated to suffer from OSA, which is a serious medical condition associated with health problems such as high blood pressure and increased risks of heart attack, stroke, or death.

A major underlying cause of OSA is the upper airway muscles lack endurance during sleep and the tongue falls back, blocking the upper airway. By using neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) to “exercise” the upper airway muscles, eXciteOSA works the intrinsic and extrinsic tongue muscles to improve endurance and prevent airway collapse during sleep.

Unlike other devices which are used while patients sleep, eXciteOSA is the first commercially available device used while awake. The full benefits of the daytime therapy are realized without patient use during sleep.

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